progressive supranuclear palsy

So I’m sitting by the heater, trying to watch The Cook And The Chef.

Behind me the worlds tiniest violin is being played, during the most self-imdulgent, emo, fucking bullshit conversation is being had on the phone.

One of my newest clients has progressive supranuclear palsy. Look it up. It’s fucking horrifying. I’d never heard of it.

This new client has really made me reassess my own attitude to life. Seriously. I have no problems. Well, minor problems … money is an issue … time is an issue … but I’m not stuck in bed all day, in the dark.

Then I hear this bullshit behind me. Self-made problems, with a dramatic over-tone. All I want to do is tear the emo little shit a new arsehole.

I won’t. But still.

Look it up.

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