My Taxes!!!

I will admit to being a heinous bitch.

I know, or have known, quite a few “My Taxes!!!” people.

One of them has fallen on hard times recently. An LNP voter.

She’s found herself ill, had some mental issues, become homeless, and then ill some more.

This is terrible news, and I wish her a speedy recovery.

I won’t be asking how she ended up “homeless in a country like Australia”.

I won’t be asking why she set up a crowd funding arrangement for her medical expenses, when she has private health cover … and indeed while we still have Medicare in this country, despite her party putting its best efforts into destroying it.

I won’t ask her if she’s managed to get on DSP. If she has, does she now realise that it is not enough? If she hasn’t, does she now realise that it’s not “too easy” for “just anyone” to get.

There are a tonne of related questions I won’t be asking her. In part because it’s not like we ever see each other, and in part because I’m just not that rude.

But I’m sure as shit going to think those questions. And I’m going to wonder if her immediate family have finally woken the fuck up.

The answer will be no.

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