I just want a germknoedel …

… and an almdudler.

Is that too much to ask?

So we’re going to do a thing!

Adam, Maya, and myself.

On Mothers Day we’re going to the Austrian Club for lunch. On Maya’s name day we’re going to a Serbian restaurant in town. During the Christmas Holidays we’re heading up to Hahndorf, to a Dutch place. Toward the end of next summer we’ll do a picnic with traditional English fare.

Feeding our kids their heritage … without having to cook it ourselves!


2 thoughts on “I just want a germknoedel …

  1. Haaaah, classic.

    When we got home from Vienna the last time we visited, I actually stopped at a servo for a pie and a cup of tea … on the way home from the airport!

    That week we ate as many steamed veggies as we could fit in. I love Austrian food, but they don’t do greens the way we do (at least not anyone we stayed with), and I missed the hell out of it.

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