Things That Make Me Go Hm.

My daughter and my half brother look like they could be related. Imagine that.

Yeah, I know, DUH. But still.

I caught up with my mother and her other half yesterday, at my bros place. It wasn’t intentional, but nice.

Her other half is in hospital today, having a vein taken from his leg to be put in his head. Hopefully that will sort out the seizures and crippling headaches.

Australia is full of racist fuck heads. People I know and consider friends … I’m not fucking impressed.

It’s my day off. I should do some (loads of) housework. Instead I’m drinking coffee, and putting the tobacco ends of cigarette butts into my pipe.

I need to give up smoking.

Not this week.

Daughter is smoking. I am “letting” her … ahaaaahaha … ’cause I could stop her. I’ve given her shit for it, but I’m not a flaming hypocrit.

We are thinking of giving up next year, with fav s-i-l, who is also not a hypocrit and gave daughter shit for smoking too.

So. There you go.

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