I’ve been trying out with limited success.

In my net wandering though, I’ve found the burial dates of my paternal grandparents, and my maternal grandfather.

I know my maternal grandmother, and we have a cordial relationship when we meet at family events. She and her second husband even visited me at work a couple of weeks ago (only family who have, incidentally).

What I can’t find, bloody anywhere, are records of my maternal grandparents arriving in Australia. This is slightly frustrating, because I know roughly where and when … and I know their names. The only thing that could foul it up is that they were supposed to be shipping into South Africa (this was in the mid-50’s, they’re part of the Dutch Diaspora), but the boat was diverted to Fremantle. I don’t see why that would make a difference though, they still arrived.

I’ve also “found” another sister. Paternal side, this time, and I’ve been lurking on her facebook from time to time. Actually, I’ve been lurking on my fathers facebook for months, and I suspected this young woman was his daughter … but it wasn’t until a comment on one of her posts matched up with the death dates I found today, that I was sure.

So. Interesting times. Or not really … nosy times, more like.

ETA: I went back and did some more nosing about.


HF (bfather) has the daughter FAC. FAC has a sister or cousin SC, who is on my bros (AS) fb friends. So I sent him a message to ask how he knows her (remember he’s my 1/2 bro on my mothers side), and he’s tattooed her. Meanwhile FAC and SC are also friends with TC, who is mutual friends with a girl I went to school with a couple of years ago.

AND SC is also mutual friends not only with my brother, but with DMc who is mates with my oldest kid and my extra. DMc has also just had a kid with the older sister of a friend of my daughters.


And how awesome is my brother? He’s all “do you want me to message her?” … and I was all “Nah” … but so nice of him to offer.

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