Chrissy Lunch with (some of) The Fam.

AKA: The Food Coma

A Pavlova of Beauty by Miji.

A Pavlova of Beauty by Miji.



So the kids and I had lunch with two of my brothers, and their lovely wives.

As is evident by the pictures, it was amazing.

Very different from any other Christmas Lunch I’ve had with adopted family – not better or worse, precisely, just different. Very relaxed.

OK … so maybe a little bit better. I’m in the position of adult and parent here; and it was a revelation to not have someone (a-mother) shaking her head, pursing her lips, nudging me, or making a small noise, every time I opened my damn mouth.

No one cared what my kids wore … or if Connors nails were clean … that Tara didn’t brush her hair … that Liam spent most of the time on the phone texting his girlfriend.

We sat outside after lunch, Maya and I smoking, and enjoyed the sun. A bit of snoozing was done, and some chat was had. I don’t think religion was mentioned at all (neither was politics), unless it was in the context of Serbian (Maya) Christmas, and Croatian (Miji) Christmas, and where they were celebrating it.

Basically, we didn’t have to be on show, or on our best behavior, and it was good.

That all makes it sound like I never enjoyed lunch with the a-family. Not true at all. I always enjoyed it, but there was always those little elements of niggle-naggle that made it less than 100%. I think that had more to do with a-mother than the extended family, but I can’t be sure. For all I know they were judging the shit out of me for years, and only telling HER … Leaving her to do the head-shaking and what ever else.

Anyway. Those days are over, and I can’t see them ever happening again. I’m OK with that.

Next year I’m thinking I might do goose.

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