Gough Whitlam.

The main player behind ending Australia’s Forced Adoption Era.

I have no clue what he thought about it, or if he even thought about it at all.

By allowing unwed mothers to receive a social security benefit, he helped put the power back in their hands. Ditto with Universal Health Care and Abortion.

Too late for me, I was born in August 1972.

When my Aunty was pregnant and single, she got to keep her baby. My cousin is only a couple of years younger than me.

I can’t even imagine what that was like for my mother, after having no choice in what happened to me.

Would I have wanted to be kept?

I have had a decent life. I never wanted for anything, went to good schools, had a nice extended family, holidayed in Europe frequently … I certainly can’t complain, in that respect.

I didn’t fit completely, though, and there was always the sense that I had to have “an eye” kept on me – I did come from a dodgy background, with an unwed mother.

Sense? It was actually SAID.

So measure for measure … stuff vs fitting …

The older I get, the more inclined I am toward fitting.

Especially when I looked at my half siblings. They are so authentically themselves, warts and all, and I evvy that.

My personality is not my own. It’s born of a mix of DNA, primal trauma, and environmental influences.

Had Gough been a couple of years ahead of schedule, who would I be?

Assuming for a moment that I would have been kept (and I assume no such thing!), I would be a completely different person. I’d have different experiences, different friends, different children.

I would have grown up with brothers and sisters … and probably different ones, because the birth order would have been changed a little. That means other rellies, nieces and nephews, would be different to now as well.

It’s the different children that get me. I KNOW my children. They are the ultimate reason that I’d not change anything if the power was there to do so. It’s certainly not about the “stuff” I’d have missed out on, if I’d not been adopted by that “deserving married couple” … it’s all about my kids.

Still can’t help being curious though!

Would I still have ADD?
Would I still be “diplomatic”?
Would I still have the somewhat self-defeating insecurities that I have now?

Probably I’d have a whole different set of issues … but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be the emotional cripple that I am now.

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